2015 Calgary Marathon

‚Äč“From high level brand development and recognition to simple sponsor activation, Impello’s work has been instrumental in attracting and retaining Calgary Marathon title and presenting sponsors. Sponsors in recent years have been consistently delighted and surprised by unique campaigns driven by Impello, including but not limited to advertising, event t-shirts, promotions and medal design.”

Kirsten Fleming | Executive Director

The Calgary Marathon is the longest running annual event in Canada. The marathon is a running race consisting of a distance of 26 miles and 385 yards, it is a Boston qualifier & celebrated its 50th Golden Anniversary in 2015.

Impello is the design agency for The Calgary Marathon Society and is involved in all aspects of marketing from developing multi year advertising campaigns, print and digital marketing to designing  finishing medals and apparel.

Impello has been fortunate to be working with The Calgary Marathon Society helping build its brand and expanding its properties since 2009.

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